Hi friends! Today I had fun!

I enjoyed visiting with the boys and girls at the compassion center. I got to bake tarts with them and visit their classrooms and sing for them. I also watched the computers the children got to type on at the center.


I also tried the sewing machine. I served them lunch at the center and had fun delivering treats and toys.






One of my favorite parts of the day was the home visit to a Compassion child. We had lunch with his family. He had a house with dirt floors and even though he was very poor he gave me one of his only decorations as a gift. It was lovely and made me wish I could give him more. I'm so glad I can be here to see the boys and girls in need and let them know that we care.




20100505_kaitlynserving01_compassionLater I got to go on a local adventure. I went ziplining! The ride up on the jeep was fun but very bumpy! I thought ziplining was so much fun I got to zip over a coffee plantation and through the trees. I felt like a monkey!


I hope you are having fun day! I also hope you will stop to remember the boys and girls in need. Even though they are in poverty they have a lot of hope and love to give.


I love you! God bless!

Love, Kaitlyn



20100504_kaitlyninconcert01_compassionHi friends! I hope you're having a fun day! I'm having a great time in El Salvador!!


Yesterday was really great! I had so much fun singing for the boys & girls. They were all so nice & friendly and I got to visit their classrooms and help serve them lunch! We played games together too. They taught me some of their favorite games and I shared some of mine. It was a lot of fun!


20100504_kaitlyn-lisabeth01_compassionThe best part of the day was meeting my new friend Lisbeth, the little girl I sponsor. It was so wonderful. Guess what? Remember how I told you I saw her picture and she looked really sweet? Well, today the very 1st class I went into had this little girl and she was sitting in the middle of the row but she kept leaning over to pull me to sit by her. I squeezed in and we were having fun sitting together. Well, the teacher asked who didn't have a sponsor and 2 kids raised their hand. The girl I was sitting with was one of the 2 kids without a sponsor. Then I asked if anyone's name is Lisbeth. The girl on the other side of me pointed to the girl sitting next to me. We were all shocked and asked when her birthday was but she couldn't quite remember. They went to check and we were all amazed that she was the girl I chose to sponsor the night before! I got to tell her myself that I was her new sponsor and we hugged for a long time. It was really neat.

20100504_kaitlyn-lisabeth03_compassionWe got to spend the whole day talking, coloring, and playing games together. I also went to visit where she lived. She has two sisters and one is a baby who has been very sick. She and her mom, dad, aunt, sister, grandma, and cousin all share one small room with no lights, and have a tin roof. There are also lots of flies. It made me sad to see the poverty where she lives, but it also made me happy to feel like I could help more and bring more cheer. I'll never forget my new friend and I hope she remembers that I love her and God loves her too! It was hard saying goodbye to Lisbeth and I wished that I could take her home with me! We sure did give each other lots of hugs before saying adios though!


Later we went to visit a farm that Compassion helped start so the people can get more food and milk. I made friends with some goats and I got to milk a goat for the first time! It was so much fun. I was glad I got to help and they may use the milk I squeezed out to make cheese! I helped walk the goats too and they did an o.k. job of listening to me. A few were a bit snickety!

Well, I had fun today and feel very glad to be here. I hope you enjoy reading about the boys & girls I'm visiting. They are really special and I love them! I love you too! God bless!


Love, Kaitlyn

kaitlynatairport_compassionHi friends! I'm writing from El Salvador. I arrived here today after a long flight from Washington DC. It Is really hot here and I'm learning a ton about the people, history, and country.I'm also learning a little bit of Spanish. I don't know a lot of words as yet but I'm trying. It's very different here from any other place I've visited. Where we are staying tonight is just across from a really really really big volcano! I hope it doesn't erupt on us!

Today I got to meet people at Compassion who work with the boys and girls i will be visiting.  They were so nice and it made me feel happy to know they want to help them too.  I'm soooooooo excited about visiting the boys & girls. I'm especially excited about meeting a little girl I'm going to be sponsoring. Her name is Lisbeth and her birthday is in January just 8 days before mine! It's really neat that we're the same age! When I saw her picture she looked so sweet and I just really felt that she was special! I can't wait to meet her tomorrow!

I am doing a lot of writing in my trip journal. One question I was asked today was what compassion means to me. It's a word that I sing a lot in one of my songs ("You Were Meant to Be") so I thought I'd share with you what I wrote in my journal that I think compassion means. Compassion is caring and thinking about the people in the world and doing something to help. That's what I'm excited to do! I hope you will be too! I love you! God bless!

Buenos noche,


Kaitlyn will be helping kickoff a national Gospel music tour at the Tulsa Singfest on Saturday, April 17, 2010, at 6pm. She'll be singing at the Mabee Center in Tulsa, OK on the campus of Oral Roberts University. Come on out... tell your friends... and join us for a night of fun!!


December 15, 2009

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