Kaitlyn With NIH Director Dr. CollinsKaitlyn performed at the National Institutes of Health’s CFC Kickoff event. She performed several songs, including for the first time in public “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” in which she had the pleasure to be accompanied by NIH Director Dr. Frances Collins.

Afterwards, she was given a tour of the NIH Children’s Inn and met many people, including Cokie Roberts. We’re working with Disney to put together a concert for these precious children around the time of the release of “The Search for Santa Paws.” More to come on that soon… :-)

Kaitlyn performed a benefit concert for the Fredericksburg, VA Teen Challenge group to help raise money and awareness for the incredible work they’re doing to help bring people out of lives of drug and alcohol addiction.

Kaitlyn and Pocket Full of Rocks at Ultrafest 2010!Kaitlyn was one of the headline acts (including Pocket Full of Rocks) at the Ultrafest outdoor concert festival in Pittsburgh, PA. She chose this concert to debut her fun new up-tempo Latin tune called “The Puddle Song.”

Needless to say, Kaitlyn had a blast and got to mix with some incredible musicians who were a lot of fun!  Please also check out Pocket Full of Rocks' website at www.pocketfullofrocks.com to learn more about this awesome group!!

Kaitlyn was invited and sang today for the second year in a row at the Legg Mason Tennis Classic in Washington, DC.  She then proceeded to cap the night off with hot dogs, chips, and cookies!  FUN!!

Kaitlyn was the guest today of her family’s good friends, Bill and Lisa Shuler, at their awesome church (Capital Life Church) in Arlington, VA.

20100506_kaitlyn-dance_compassionToday I saw more new things. I went to visit a Compassion child development center in the Sonsonate area. It was a very poor area, but the children were so nice they greeted me with coconuts and flowers and taught me one of their favorite dances.


I spent time with them in their classrooms and enjoyed giving them lots of hugs! One of my favorite parts was playing with the babies and singing a lullaby to some of them. They reminded me of my baby brother!




20100506_kaitlyn-baby02_compassionLater I visited one of the babies in his house. The baby's name was Diego. He lived in a house with dirt floors, no running water and no toilets. His family has to walk for two hours every day to bring water from the river.


Two families share one room and there is not enough shelter, but Diego is a really cute and happy baby and LOVES his baths in a little bowl. I really wanted to help them more.





20100506_kaitlyn-children01_compassionI realized that when we go home, the boys and girls have to stay here. We have what we need, a safe place to live, food, clothes, medicine, and shelter. They don't have good shelter or enough food or water. There are lots of gangs that want to steal and hurt them. It doesn't seem very fair and I wish I could take them home with me.

I'm praying that they will get sponsors and know that we love them and God loves them too! I will never forget them. I hope you don't either and keep them in your prayers.


I love you! God bless!

Adios, Kaitlyn